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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hallo Coco! by Jovoy c1924

Hallo Coco! by Jovoy: launched in 1924. The scent was available in both perfume and face powder.

I am unsure where they got the name for the perfume other than Coco was a popular name for parrots. however, a 1921 newspaper article in the Des Moines Register noted that "That Germany is flooding Paris with cocaine using women of the underworld to import the drug from Berlin, is the belief from Paris police, who have instituted a rigid investigation and expect to announce important arrests. One large boulevard cafe is the headquarters for selling narcotic, for which a charge of only a franc a gram is made. A cocaine seller was shot in the stomach Saturday evening by a policeman in Rue Caumartin, the seller of Paris. The drug venders always begin the conversation with prospective purchasers with "Hello, coco," which means "I've got cocaine to sell."

Fragrance Composition:

So what does the perfume smell like? It was described as a floral fragrance for women. I do not have the actual notes for this composition, I would need a sample to tell you what it smells like.

The Pharmaceutical Era, 1924:
"The very newest number which arrived on a boat just a day or so ago is called Hallo Coco. The perfume is by Jovoy, and the odor is rich with flower essence, and very pleasing."


The adorable Hallo Coco bottle was manufactured by Verreries Brosse features a clear glass bottle molded with abstract symbols of rectangles and stylized sun motifs. The bottle is topped by a figural parrot shaped glass stopper. The whole presentation consisted of a brass or gilded metal birdcage, stand and four ounce parrot bottle.

As you can see in the advertisement below, the perfume presentation retailed for $12.50 in 1924, a quite expensive sum at the time, which would according to an inflation calculator be equivalent to $175.61 in 2016.

Though by 1927, one retailer offered the same bottle with it's cage was being sold at only $5.95. Corday's and Jovoy's other popular perfumes: Severem toilet water (in 8 oz bottle), Severem (in 2 oz elephant bottle), Serre Fleurie toilet water (in 8 oz bottle), Serre Fleurie (in 2 oz flower basket bottle), Toodle-oo (in 2 oz bird and net bottle) and Jet Parfume (in 2 oz fountain bottle) were also being sold for the same amount. Another retailer that year sold them for $8.88 during a three day sale only.

Democrat & Chronicle, newspaper, 1924:
"A brilliant cockatoo has alighted atop the stopper of the graceful bottle wherein the sweet "Hallo Coco" scent awaits liberation."

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, most likely before 1930.

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