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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hallo Coco! by Jovoy c1924

Hallo Coco! by Jovoy: launched in 1924. The scent was available in both perfume and face powder.

I am unsure where they got the name for the perfume other than Coco was a popular name for parrots. however, a 1921 newspaper article in the Des Moines Register noted that "That Germany is flooding Paris with cocaine using women of the underworld to import the drug from Berlin, is the belief from Paris police, who have instituted a rigid investigation and expect to announce important arrests. One large boulevard cafe is the headquarters for selling narcotic, for which a charge of only a franc a gram is made. A cocaine seller was shot in the stomach Saturday evening by a policeman in Rue Caumartin, the seller of Paris. The drug venders always begin the conversation with prospective purchasers with "Hello, coco," which means "I've got cocaine to sell."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Voyage a Paris by Corday c1932

Voyage a Paris by Corday: launched in 1932. In USA by 1935. The perfume was created to be worn with furs.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Serre Fleurie by Corday c1924

Serre Fleurie by Corday: launched in 1924. Created by Blanche Arvoy.  The name means 'hot house flowers' in French.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Corday Perfumes Advertisement 1958

Corday Perfumes Advertisement from 1958 showing perfume presentations and gift sets. Perfumes shown in the ad are: Toujoirs Moi, Toujours Toi, Possession, Fame, Zigane (Tzigane) and Jet.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Where Should I Apply Perfume?

As a general rule, fragrance should be applied to pulse points. This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Corday Solid Perfume Sticks

Pacific Drug Review - Volume 62, Part 2 - Page 76, 1950:
“Eau de Toilette in Solid Form. Eau de Toilette in stick form is available in two fragrances, Toujours Moi and Fame. Advantages claimed for the  new product include ease of application. Supplied in two sizes—-the purse stick in plastic case which sells at $1.50, and the 2 1/2 oz. size in a frosted jar for $2.50.”

Solid perfume sticks, meant to be carried in the purse. Available in Toujours Moi, Zigane, Jet and Fame. Photo from worthpoint.

Femme du Jour by Corday c1926

Femme du Jour by Corday: launched in 1926. The name means "Woman of the Day" in French.

Corday's Jardiniere de Corday Perfumed Candles

Corday's Jardiniere de Corday Perfumed Candles. These stand 5" tall.

Soap, Cosmetics, Chemical Specialties - Volume 44 - Page 54, 1968:
“Corday has a perfumed candle in white translucent glass with a French village scene in gold, also on a golden pedestal. It sells for $6.00 and comes in two fragrances, Toujours Moi and Fame.”

Le Chevrefeuille by Corday c1938

Le Chevrefeuille by Corday: launched in 1938. Also spelled Chevre Feuille in some publications.