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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corday Perfume Gift Sets

These Corday perfume sets were sold in the 1930s. They were packaged in round boxes covered with beige velvet suede, accented with gold and lined in ivory silk.

"Corday Perfume Wardrobe $3.75. This set is known as the “Triplet”, contains 3 dram size bottles filled with the following odors: Toujours Moi, Quand? and Orchidee Bleue. Box is beige velvet suede and gold. The bottles are exact replicas of the larger, original bottles."

Other gift sets were offered over the years. From the 1950s-1960s, oval or square shaped boxes covered with ivory satin and embroidered with gold thread often contained sets of two or three perfumes. These were intended to be used as jewelry boxes when the perfume bottles were empty and the cushioned platforms holding the bottles could be easily removed.

In the 1950s and 1960s, other gift sets appeared.

The graphics on the cover of the presentation box features an impressionist styled scene of Paris.The 12 bottles included are: Zigane, Jet, Pois de Senteur, Muguet, Chevre-feuille, Kai-Sang, Violette, Jasmin, Gardenia, Toujours Moi, Lilas, Fame. Photos from worthpoint.

Quaintance Quartette Eau de Toilette Set of 4 bottles in original box. The bottles are clear glass with Blue plastic caps, 2-3/4" in tall. The bottles are full with excellent labels. The fragrance names are: Zigane, Toujours Moi, Jet and Fame. Included is an advertisement that reads: Corday invites you to "get acquainted" with 4 of its most famous imported from France fragrances in flacons designed to fit in your purse. Take them with you wherever you go Enjoy them. Then choose your favorites and buy them in their regular sizes. Photo from worthpoint.

 Solid perfume sticks, meant to be carried in the purse. Available in Toujours Moi, Zigane, Jet and Fame. Photo from worthpoint.

Gift set with bottles that measure just 1 3/4" tall, box holds mini perfumes of Jet, Toujours Moi, Zigane and Fame, photo from worthpoint.

The gold box lid reads "Her Majesty's Wardrobe of Fragrances de Corday", and lists the fragrances, Toujours Moi, Fame, Zigane & Jet. Each small box contains a ½ ounce eau de toilette bottle and a 1/4 oz mini parfum bottle. Photo from worthpoint.

Purse bottles meant to be housed inside of the metal case for carrying in the purse. Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette "Purse Trio" No. 83. Contains 1/2 fl. oz. each of Fame (unknown if this is Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum because its front label in missing), Toujours Moi (Eau de Toilette), and Zigane   (Eau de Parfum). Photo from worthpoint.

Vintage Corday 10p set of perfume bottles with original box features: Jet, Muguet, Toujors Moi, Gardenia, Chevrefeuille, Lilas,  Fame, Violette, Kai-Sang, Possession. Photo from worthpoint.

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